The Plan

So I have decided that 28 Body Shapeover LabRat experiment will begin on Sunday 4/4/2010. My weight routine will be Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday plus cardio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Saturday. Below is a sample of my workout routine.

    • WEIGHTS: Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps
    • CARDIO: 24 HOUR Fitness Boot camp (great Interval training)
    • WEIGHTS: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Calves
    • CARDIO: Spinning
    • WEIGHTS: Back, Chest and Abdominals
  • FRIDAY/SATURDAY (depends how I feel by the end of the week)
    • CARDIO: Running

NOTE: When it comes to food I generally log how I eat through the Weight Watchers point system. For me it is a great way to control how I eat and know how much I am eating throughout the day.
I will log in greater detail the exercises I will be doing at the gym and the food I eat during the day. Mind you I am not a fitness guru or a nutrition wiz I am an everyday person trying to get in shape (like every other women in the world), who is using the tools that the world gives her (books, blogs, advice) to attain her goal body. I believe research is key! Once you begin to research about fitness and food nutrition you realize everybody is saying the same thing but, in their own words. It’s the consumer who decides which advice sounds appealing to the ears and who the person is more comfortable taking advice from.
So that’s that… See you laterzzz……

HAHAHAHA! We all learn the hard way!

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