Day 6: I need a BR8!

Today is rest day for me. I had to see my Bubba off to the airport @ 6am and had to take Plato to daycare after that. Yes, you heard right doggie day care. Plus, I needed to start reviewing for an exam I have for class next Monday….eeeek!
My lower body is starting to feel less soar, thank you Lord. However, my shoulders are feeling the pain today. Not as bad as the legs, but Im feeling the burn.
I just realized that I hadn’t posted any before pictures when I started the routine, duhhh. Im going to post some tomorrow though.
Soooooo for breakfeast
I had a 1/2 c of oatmeal
An Alternative Bagel with tomatoes
And some mixed fruit
I was kinda hungry….but this definetly filled me up
Now for lunch I did a replay of yesterdays lunch
BUT instead of goat cheese I used a tbsp of Hummus mmm!
Ususally for lunch I use paper plates…It makes my life a little easier… I HATE washing dishes.
On my gorgeous paper plate I had
Broiled Squash and Asparagus
Cooked Onioins
ans some Hummus

I work in retail so I usually have to bring my food for the whole day especially when I have to close the store (1:30pm-10:30pm) NOT FUN!

I need to fix the rotation..ooops
We have
A salad with Garbonzo beans, goat cheese, avocado, and sun dried tomatoe
A Veggie Burger
Murray Shortbread Cookies
Mixed Fruit
& Chobani Yogurt
Most likely I wont eat all of this but I like to have the options.

Its off to work!
C ya


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