DAY 15

Im SUPPOSED to be on Day 15 of The 28 Day Shapeover Experiment but since I fell behind Its actually day 20. However, I did cardio  and DAY 15 will be on Sunday because that is when I normally start the week. However, I must say I have been seeing the results, my triceps have become much more toned and I am starting to lift heavier, meaning Im building STRENGTH 🙂 REMEMBER I dont want to BULK up, I want to tone and define.
SO I started my morning off with a run.
I was SUPER happy because I ran 3.72 miles at a pace of 8’55” per mile @ a time of 33:14. For me this is
an accomplishment because my average run has been @ 9’44” per mile…eeek. But Im building my endurance and every run will produce better results
AFTER my run:
There is some ab definition however, my problem issue is my lower abs the HARDEST muscles to tone. BUT I gotta keep at it!
I burned 323 calories @ an avg heart rate of 153
Breakfeast was a quick bagel with some turkey slices and a slice of cheese….I was in a rush had to go to work for an early meeting

I forgot to add that my co workers also got me this cute inspirational book that I will share with everyone on my post. This was the first thought that I was given

Its all in those words. When you believe things will happen and they will gravitate toward you. So if you believe that you are going to get in shape you will make it happen!

One thought on “DAY 15

  1. I just started running. I have a horrible 1 mile time but all I am concerned about is finishing lol. Congrats on the great time!! That's an AWESOME time!That turkey bagel looks wonderful…yuuum!

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