Fitness is BACK and Tired of Mother $%*#ing Nature


health diet fitness, womens health, menstrual cycle

So I have had a two week hiatus from fitness nutrition :-/ It is AMAZING how events in ones life can completely drain and demotivate you. How a period can throw you completely off course, well at least in my case. Last week was more of a personal problem that deterred me from the gym this week it was HER that evil women, mother nature, who I oh so love and hate at the same time. She makes me cry, get angry, eat guava pastries, and just sleep. She did this to  me, and I did it to myself, I know but she is still an evil women.

Now I have to get myself back on track somehow and kill it!!!!!! How… I have come to a point where I feel I have lost all the progress I’ve made in the past few months. I have to STOP feeling sorry  for myself and just freaking do it.

 Now for the Power Song of the Day. It is not really a Powersong it is very intense and eery but it is more of a song I am feeling right now.


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