Setting Goals

I realized the importance of goals. Sometimes we have goals in mind but we never write them down and hold ourselves accountable for them. With that being said here are my goals for the month of November. Meals and Move blogger, Janetha, gave me this idea and I thought it was great way of holding myself accountable to everyone out there.

So here it goes

  1. Go to the gym 5-6x a week, I would put just 6 but some weeks are more hectic then others

  2. Do weight exercises 3x a week

  3. Do bootcamp routine once a week

  4. take multi-vitamins daily

  5. Have one cheat day for the week

  6. Drink 8 c of water

  7. Cook at least 3x a week, that will be a tough one with school

  8. Track food

  9. Stay on top of the house

  10. Spend more time with mom, it’s been very busy with school

    At the end of November we will come back to this list and see if I was actually able to stay committed to my list. Wish me luck!


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