Ohhh…The Pain

So on Sunday I decided to do a routine from Jessica Putnam (above) that I saw in Fitness RX magazine. What a routine! I woke up on Monday in SOOO much pain that I could not even go to the gym in the morning, my body really needed the rest. BUT the routine was AMAZING!!! I loved it and I plan to do it once a week.

Below is Jessica Putnam’s Boot Camp routine:

1st Giant Set

Burpees-15 reps

Pushups-10 reps

Mountain Climbers- 50 total reps

2nd Giant set

Squat dumbell front raises-15 reps

Pop Squats up on step- 15 reps

Dips on Bench- 15-20 reps

3rd Giant Set

Bench Jumps- 30 seconds

Bent over rows- 15 reps

Walking lunges- 10 walking forward 10 walking backward

4th Giant Set

Toe Taps on bench- 50 total reps

21s with a Barbell or Dumbbells

Jump Squats-10-15 reps

And thats the routine a High intensity, non stop, fat burning, strength training workout!


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