66 Degrees and Sunny…

I have this love hate relationship with Miami. But today I LOVED it! I woke up ready to go to the gym and when I stepped outside I was welcomed by the the beautiful sun and a cool breeze that Miami had to offer today……ahhhhhh. I also was welcomed by my Crate and Barrel spoons that I have been searching for for months online, only to realize they were the wrong ones 😦 Now I have to find a store close to me so I can return them because I really dont feel like packing them up and sending them back…ugh!

I came back from the gym feeling amazing. there is nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning and starting your day off with a pumping work out. In my opinion instead of resting on the weekends from the gym people should go. People tend to go out more, see family and hang with friends on the weekend and it usually revolves around food. So the best way to not feel guilty for having that drink or eatng that burger is to go the gym. I try to take my rest days during the week, preferably Monday.

My Routine

30 min stairmaster

bench dip

overhead tricep curls

grag curl

zottoman curl

assisted dumbbell lunge

dumbbell front squat

good morning

machine leg curl

bosu crunch

bosu side bridge


Breakfast was simple I mixed a 1/2c of egg whites with onions, feta and stuffed it into a pita and added a couple slices of tomato…yummy! It was so simple and it really filled me up for awhile

The rest of my Saturday was spent with my husband.. We stopped by the mall and had dinner at an Itallian restataunt. i was craving pasta so I had a penne pasta with sun dried tomato’s pinenuts and spinach. I would have taken pics but I left my phone and camera at home 😦

How was your weekend?

Power Song of the Day

Pink: Raise your glass


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