Her Life

A Little About Me

I was born to my Mama

Life was great! I was living a normal teenage life  and getting ready to enter college, I was on my schools Varsity tennis team, I was in student goverment and in marching band, I was very active and involved. Then the summer before my senior year I got really sick and was diagnosed with Lupus :-/ It was a complete shock, it came out of nowhere. I was never sick. I never went to the hospital, let alone break a bone in my body. I was a healthy teenager!

My sickness was an emotional rollercoaster for me. When I came out of the hospital the first time I got sooo thin, I was down to 125 and I am 5′ 7″. I kinda liked it, people were like “OMG Nowel you look like a supermodel” it was crazy, especially when I just came out of the hospital.

Later that year I relapsed and had a hemorrhage in my lung, causing me to cough up blood, I had to go to the hospital again and they injected me with 3000 mg of prednizone and I continued to take a high dosage after I came out the hospital. Now imagine going from 125 to 160 in the matter of months. It was traumatizing. I didn’t look like myself anymore I was so depressed.

After that year my Lupus went into remission. I was lucky. However, the way I looked from all the meds really got to me so I became more conscious of my health, what I ate and my physical activity. My mom was great and got me a personal trainer to get my confidence  back up, and it helped! I loved it! I loved to see how my body transformed and I became much more fit then when I was younger. I realized the importance of nutrition and exercise. Food was the main thing too, I never really ate bad but after eating the right foods my body showed the change. I was happy and I felt good about myself.

Had already lost some of the 160

I may not seem that big there but I will post pics of how I looked months before that

After the trainer

Getting back to my happy place

So close I can smell it

Im at a happy place here, however I am still trying to keep the pace


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