Active at any Age

This past Sunday I went to my husbands baseball game and I was amazed to see these men, ranging from 25 to 55, playing baseball and staying active. It was great to see all these guys get out of the house and play sports. Many men, especially  older men, start to get lazy as they get older and would rather sit on a couch and drink all day. I was happy to see my husband and all his teammates have that competitive spirit and really put their all into the game. In the end they lost the game, but they didn’t let their spirits down and they amped each other up for the next game. There are so many sports that adults can get into, but they just need to look online and find local sports clubs around them. Since I am moving to VA soon I started going onto to find different outdoor activities

My Hubby

The Miramar Rangers


Picking Yourself Up

It is amazing how a couple sick days can ruin  months worth of gym dedication and eating healthy. I had a couple of weeks of me not feeling myself and it really brought me down in a big way. I ended up going to the doctor because I though I was having a Lupus flare. The doctor gave me meds and I started to feel better, but I still felt really down. I did not feel like myself. Since I was not able to go to the gym I ended up not eating healthy. I ate everything imaginable in sight and couldnt stop. I just ate ate and ate! I hated the way I felt and I didnt want to continue feeling this way. It has been 3 weeks now and today I went to the gym for the very first time in a long time. It felt good but I want to get back into my routine NOW. Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to make the best of that day and eat right and work out HARD! I luv it but I just cant let lifes struggles get me down like this. The mind is a very powerful thing and it can take over your body and soul if you do not have the will power, faith and strength to pick yourself up and move on.

Yes I can

Back in the Game

Can I just say it is always great when you fall and you are able to pick yourself back up again. I have been reading through some of my favorite health blogs and it seems these past few months have been rough for ALL of us. But the true test of ones dedication to their healthy lifestyle is being able to pick themselves back up again.

Believe me it is rough. The past month has been a struggle, trying getting myself back in my old routine of daily exercise and consistent healthy eating habits. Around day two and three I would just give up and feel sorry for myself. Thankfully, this past week I have been able to pick myself back up again and get myself going. I tried to think about what helped me get back in the game and a few things came to mind.

See Below:

1.Reading health blogs: Reading other blogs helped me realte to other women.

2. Observing how my body feels: When I start feeling groggy and sleepy all the time I know it has to do with the quality of food that I am eating and me not going to the gym.

3. Clothes: When my pants start to feel a little tight that is usually when I pick myself up real quick.

4. Sadness: When I start to feel sad and almost depressed I know alot of it has to do with my Health. Being healthy for me is meditative, I feel a sense of balance.

These are just a few things, but I am sure there is more.

So those who are feeling down and out, find what works for you and make sure you write down and place it somewhere where you can see it everyday for constant motivation.

November Readings….

Ohh…how I love Magazine time. Magazines are the inspiration I need to give me that little push every month when I start to go into a slump. There are great articles, new routines, nutrition tips, and inspiring stories to get you back on track. I get a variety of them some, which many times tend to say the same thing. However, each magazine has its own charm and thats why I buy them.

What’s your favorite Health Magazine?

Setting Goals

I realized the importance of goals. Sometimes we have goals in mind but we never write them down and hold ourselves accountable for them. With that being said here are my goals for the month of November. Meals and Move blogger, Janetha, gave me this idea and I thought it was great way of holding myself accountable to everyone out there.

So here it goes

  1. Go to the gym 5-6x a week, I would put just 6 but some weeks are more hectic then others

  2. Do weight exercises 3x a week

  3. Do bootcamp routine once a week

  4. take multi-vitamins daily

  5. Have one cheat day for the week

  6. Drink 8 c of water

  7. Cook at least 3x a week, that will be a tough one with school

  8. Track food

  9. Stay on top of the house

  10. Spend more time with mom, it’s been very busy with school

    At the end of November we will come back to this list and see if I was actually able to stay committed to my list. Wish me luck!

Update… Boot camp routine

The week is coming to an end and I am killing it. this is the routine I did on Wednesday and I will have a week ending report of my successes!



Stairmaster 30 min
Date 10/28/10
Date Exercise Set Reps
27-Oct-10 drag curl 3 12
27-Oct-10 bench dip 3 12
27-Oct-10 machine leg curl 3 1  


27-Oct-10 bosu crunch 3 12
27-Oct-10 good morning 3 12
27-Oct-10 bosu side bridge 3 12
27-Oct-10 assisted dumbbell lunge 3 12
27-Oct-10 dumbbell front squat 3 12
27-Oct-10 overhead triceps extension 3 12
27-Oct-10 zottman curl 3 12

I cant wait until this Saturday, I am trying out a new routine I saw in Fitness RX and it supposed to be a rough one. It is interval training done with giant sets, that cant be fun :-/

Power song of the Day!

In celebration of Halloween!!!! Pics coming soon!

The Challenge Begins!!!

So…. my co-worker (RandomAurora) and I have started ” The Challenge“. This little fitness challenge is to see who has the best overall fitness results over a 90 day period. Aurora will be following the concept of Body For Life, eating lots of protein and taking supplements plus weightlifting. I will be following a variety of concepts, mostly ones by Brad Schoenfeld and Weight Watchers, but NO protein shakes and NO protein bars, just the food God gave me on this earth! After the 90 days we will see who had the best overall results and a PRIZE will be won! We are not sure what the prize will be yet, but it will be a good one. We are posting stats and updates and hopefully our blog for the challenge will be up soon.

Below is the adorable video Aurora made for our Challenge

Below is a great tip from Bob Schonfeld about those women with square bodies.

Fit Tip
If you have a naturally blocky waist, avoid performing weighted abdominal movements for your obliques (i.e. weighted side bends, etc.). Doing so will build muscle in this area and can reduce a tapered appearance.

Thanks RASHA!!!!!